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The GazeCom project is funded by the European Commission (contract no. IST-C-033816) within the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority of the 6th Framework Programme.
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Related papers

by Michael Dorr last modified 2008-07-01 13:19

GazeCom publications

Earlier GazeCom-related publications by GazeCom partners

Erhardt Barth, Michael Dorr, Martin Böhme, Karl R Gegenfurtner, and Thomas Martinetz. Guiding the mind's eye: improving communication and vision by external control of the scanpath. In Bernice E Rogowitz, Thrasyvoulos N Pappas, and Scott J Daly, editors, Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, volume 6057 of Proc. SPIE, 2006. Invited contribution for a special session on Eye Movements, Visual Search, and Attention: a Tribute to Larry Stark. [.pdf]

Martin Böhme, Michael Dorr, Christopher Krause, Thomas Martinetz, and Erhardt Barth. Eye movement predictions on natural videos. Neurocomputing, 69(16-18):1996-2004, 2006. [.pdf]

Hannus A, Van den Berg R, Bekkering H, Roerdink JB, Cornelissen FW.  Visual search near threshold: Some features are more equal than others. Journal of Vision, 28: 523-540, 2006.

Cornelissen FW, Bruin KJ and Kooijman AC. The influence of artificial scotomas on eye-movements during visual  search. Optometry & Visual Science 82: 27-35, 2005.

Coeckelbergh TRM, Cornelissen FW, Brouwer WH & Kooijman AC. Age-related changes in the functional visual field: further evidence  for an inverse age x eccentricity effect. The Journals of Gerontology B: Psychological Sciences Social  Sciences, 59, 11-18, 2004.

Maguire RP, Broerse A, de Jong, BM, Cornelissen FW, Meiners LC,  Leenders KL and den Boer JA. Evidence of enhancement of spatial attention during inhibition of a  visuo-motor response. NeuroImage 20,1339-1345, 2003.

E. Barth and T. Martinetz. Information technology for active perception. In 8th Annual German-American Beckman Frontiers of Science Symposium, 2002. [.pdf]

Coeckelbergh TRM, Cornelissen FW, Brouwer WH, Kooijman AC. The effect of visual field defects on eye movements and practical  fitness to drive. Vision Research 42, 669-677, 2002.

Coeckelbergh TRM, Cornelissen FW, Brouwer WH, Kooijman AC. Effect of visual field defects on driving performance: a driving  simulator study.
Archives of Ophthalmology 120:1509-1516, 2002.

Cornelissen FW, Kimmig H, Schira M, Rutschmann RM, Maguire RP,  Broerse A, Den Boer JA, Greenlee MW. Event-related fMRI responses in the human frontal eye fields in a  randomized pro- and antisaccade task. Experimental Brain Research 145, 270-274, 2002.


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