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The GazeCom project is funded by the European Commission (contract no. IST-C-033816) within the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority of the 6th Framework Programme.
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Vision is the dominant perceptual channel through which we interact with information and communication systems, but one major limitation of our visual communication capabilities is that we can attend to only a very limited number of features and events at any one time. This fact has severe consequences for visual communication, because what is effectively communicated depends to a large degree on those mechaEye trackernisms in the brain that deploy our attentional resources and determine where we direct our gaze.

We therefore propose that future ICT systems should use gaze guidance to help the users deploy their limited attentional resources more effectively. The same technology can be used to create augmented vision aids that improve human visual capabilities by complementing natural vision with computer-vision technology in an unobtrusive way.

Our objectives are to (i) show that gaze guidance has a high impact on what is perceived and communicated effectively; (ii) advance the level of understanding of the human visual system to the point where gaze guidance becomes feasible, and (iii) build prototype systems that exploit these insights and demonstrate the potential for applications. If these objectives can be reached, we believe the resulting technology will fundamentally change the way in which information can be communicated in the future information society.

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GazeCom wins prize for exhibit at fet09!


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